CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine and CNC Hydraulic Press Brake in Stock and ready for Demo


JFY CNC Hydraulic Press Brake HPR150*3100

From $130,000

Electric and hydraulic systems control the synchronised movement of the two oil cylinders, ensuring synchronisation accuracy, bending accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy.

The Holland Delem DA52/66T CNC system with a modern electric circuit, TFT display menu and high refresh rate, is the current most progressive CNC system used on press brakes.


JFY CNC Fiber Laser TFC3015 3KW

From $440,000

The TRUMPF TruDisk laser generator, offers good stability with higher cutting speed – a more stable and efficient laser.

The machine can cut high-reflection material such as copper and brass. This TFC3015 3KW provides a positioning speed of 169m/min due to direct servo motor with high torque as well as acceleration of up to 2g trough adaptive lightweight structure.

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