The JFY Laser Machines are powered by the TRUMPF TruDisk.


Founded in 1923, TRUMPF is recognised worldwide for its technical innovation, and traditional quality reputation.

The TruDisk is a solid-state laser for welding, cutting, and surface processing of metals. High powered with maximum beam quality, the TruDisk is beneficial across a variety of industries. The TruDisk technology ensures highly robust applications.

Some features of the TruDisk include:

  • 100% consistent power output.
  • Ultimate beam quality.
  • Strong against reflection.
  • Intelligent energy management.
  • Up to six work stations.
  • Cooling included.

Our Laser Machine (TFC 3kW 3015S) is powered by the TRUMPF TruDisk. Offering good stability with a high cutting speed, the laser cutter is incredibly efficient and stable.

Get in touch today to book a demo of the JFY CNC TruDisk Laser Cutter (TFC 3kW 3015S), currently in our Melbourne showroom.

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