The TRUMPF TruDisk Prepares Manufacturers for Industry 4.0

TRUMPF lasers are equipped with a compact footprint and increased robustness. With intelligent, linked systems, the TruDisk prepares manufacturers for the technological advancements of the future: Industry 4.0. Economically functioning in all laser states, the TruDisk increases energy efficiency and energy management. 

The TRUMPF TruDisk brings three major advantages for manufacturers:

  1. 1.Robust and reliable

With its compact, modular design, the laser is robust and reliable. All components are in sync; producing dependable and sturdy laser systems in any situation.

  1. Optimum beam quality for maximum results

The machine is comprised of high beam quality that spans across a multi-kilowatt range. This means the user can achieve the best possible results in processes like remote and hybrid welding, or high-speed cutting.

  1. Minimal operating costs

With active power factor correction, four programmable energy-saving modes, an optimised cooling system and the ability to communicate in the intelligent PROFIenergy network, the TruDisk has incredibly minimal operating costs. These features mean that the machine uses energy incredibly efficiency, which contributes to low operating costs.

The TruDisk laser is available with a power of 3 kW, 4 kW or 5kW. We currently have the JFY CNC TruDisk Laser Cutter (TFC 3kW 3015S) in our showroom. Book your demo.

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